Just another day

You know it’s going to be a great day when the first thing you hear is child 2 shouting “MAMAAAAAAA, he said he is going to take my fairy Isabell and call her “Fart”!” An emergency, clearly. Eyes still closed, I have a little giggle……Right……Time to get up. Rub those eyes, time for a stretch, pick up baby, stumble downstairs towards the coffee machine. Pour a hot brew. Ahhhhhh. That’s better. Morning, morning, morning, how are you? How did you sleep?……. Let’s get this day started. Baby into highchair. Sandwiches need to be made, school bags need to be gotten ready. All the clothes have thankfully been laid out the night before. Breakfast time. Come one, guys. Sit down please. Cereal, waffles, fruit, yoghurts? What’s everyone having? An array of spoons, bowls, spilt milk and Coco Pops on the table. Oatabix for Baby. Sneak a sip of the still piping hot coffee. Ah. That’s good…….Savouring it….. Thinking: Shit. Is today bin day?…. Better take out the rubbish before it overflows and put out the bins. Flying across the lawn with two full bins. Phew. Made it. Just in time. Nearly get ambushed outside the back door. Six pairs of eyes staring at me. Ah yes. Better not forget to feed the kittens. 2 tins of catfood. Sorted. At the kitchen table, the bickering continues. He said, she said, I am going to tell Mama. Sigh. Smile and keep the peace. Feed baby. Sneak another sip of the coffee. Hm. It could be hotter. But carry on. Quick time check. Right. Clean off the table. Time to get dressed. Who is first? Noone? Come on, guys, or we will be late. Go wake the eldest. He likes his sleep. Child 2 can manage to get dressed, child 3 needs a hand. Oh, he is not wearing that today? What are we wearing? The Batman shirt? That’s in the wash. Why? Because it’s dirty. Let’s pick a different one. Not that one either? Which one then? The Minions one? Right. Minions it is. (Breathe!!) Happy? Happy! Good. Change a baby bum. Wow. Nappy malfunction. Again. Shit! Literally. Back upstairs. Quick washmom_hectic_morning_webfor baby. Clothes for baby. Dress baby. Throw one some clothes myself and a bit of make up, where is my hair brush? Ah, never mind. Tie it up. Ponytail will do the finest. Back downstairs. Bickering continues. He said, she said, I will tell mama. Where is my coffee? GONE COLD! Right, timecheck. Ok, microwave it 30 seconds. Get your bags, get your shoes on. Get my coffee. Lukewarm. Meh! It’ll have to wait. Did everyone brush their teeth? No? Seriously? Right. Go brush hair and teeth. Coats on. Where is your coat? Cant find it? Where did you look? It’s right here. (Breathe!) Ready to go? Get your bags. Out the door. Lock up. Pause. Hm. Might drive past the bottle bank…run back inside. Get the empty bottles. Lock up. He said, she said, I am going to tell Mama. Everyone strapped into their seats. School drop 1. Have a good day, love you. School drop 2. See you in 3 h, buddy. Sigh.

Morning, everyone.


4 thoughts on “Just another day

  1. Oh loll that’s the story all right! It can be so chaotic in the mornings. Moms are superheroes getting everyone wrangled up, dressed, fed & off to school on time! Thanks so much for sharing with us at #bloggerclubuk x


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