Pet Hates. Pet Loves – 23 Random Things About Me


  1. People making eating noises piss me off royally (Go eat your apple in another room. Come on. Off you go!)
  2. I start fiddling with my hair when I get nervous or stressed.
  3. When people take stuff off my plate without asking. I’ll chop your hand off. And no, I don’t want to share my dinner.
  4. I love wine. Mine will be a Malbec.
  5. I am my biggest fan when it comes to jokes and usually laugh the loudest. I am preeeetty funny, I think. Knock Knock…….
  6. I have a bad habit for interrupting people when they talk because I can’t wait my turn in case I forget what I was going to say and because my point is probably way more important than the one you’re trying to make.
  7. I hate when people want to tell a story and then take flipping ages to get to the point by insisting on getting unnecessary details correct.
  8. I am a stickler for grammar. Their, they’re , there. Come on, people. It’s not that hard. People who use “your” when they mean “you’re”, get out.
  9. Clothes that sat in the washing machine for too long and are half dry. Smell test? Failed! Repeat.
  10. I am an impulsive shopper….love it and hate it. But mostly, I LOVE it.
  11. Ironing is a waste of time. You heard it here first.
  12. I love coffee. It’s my elixir of life
  13. My party piece is doing the robot on the dance floor…. four kids ain’t gonna stop me.
  14. Hate public speaking.
  15. No time at all (as in none whatsoever) for garlic breath!
  16. I LOVE to sleep. Every night before I go to sleep I count how many hours of sleep I will get. Anything under 8h and a shit day is guaranteed.
  17. I can be very competitive. Sudoku race? Bring it on!
  18. I love chicken on the bone. Yummy!
  19. Don’t patrionize me. If anyone around here is going to do any patrionizing that’ll be me, thank you.
  20. The sound of my own voice after the song ends. WOW! I used to be a better singer!
  21. Non-committal people drive me bonkers. Either you’re going to do something or you aren’t. Enough with the “might” and “should”. Change the “should” to “am not going to” and dispense with the pleasantries
  22. When people call it an ATM machine. (What do you think the “M” stands for, twat?)
  23. I suffer from RBF. I am really not that bad.

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