They say “There is no bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”. I say Bollocks.

I love being outside. I do. I am a lover of the outdoors. Not to the extreme. But I love being outside. Tipping away in my garden, going for walks on the beach, exploring the woods. I love it. There is something nice about being all wrapped up in coat, hat, scarf and gloves, big red Rudolph noses, holding hands with my husband. It’s wholesome. It’s cute. It’s romantic. Makes for a great Facebook selfie. [Awwwww].

In a country like Ireland you can’t let the weather stop you. Because especially in the wintertime, it’s cold with a combination of either rain, or wind. But a lot of the time it’s a combination of both. I am a lover of neither. But as they say “There is no bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”.…….Until you have small kids…..

With four kids in tow, I now challenge that concept. Only unsuitable clothing. That’s bollocks. Excuse my French. Is there really no such thing as bad weather? I beg to differ. There is bad weather and sometimes just unsuitable weather. I look out the window right now and the rain is beating against it, the sky is grey and no amount of Gortex will make me budge today as much as I’d love to. Totally unsuitable for an army of small people. There are some days when the sky is clear, the sun is out but the wind bites your face and it’s frickin’ freezing. It’s so cold that I feel sorry for my cats who are huddled against the kitchen window.

Ok. Honestly. Hands up, who loves

  • wrapping an army of kids up in warm clothes, several layers weather permitting (patience and organizational skills required!)
  • listening to the whining of kids complaining that they are uncomfortable , too hot, or the hat’s too itchy
  • getting said army of now Mitchelin Men into the car where they now won’t fit into car seats
  • stripping them down again
  • only to dress them up again upon arrival at destination
  • official complaints are now being lodged (too hot, too uncomfortable, too itchy)
  • half the gloves have gone missing or were left behind! (Argh!)
  • hats on, check! Zips up, check! Tissues at the ready, check! GO!
  • Mitchelin Men stumble out of car and off they go wind howling in their faces
  • Parents follow hands buried deep in their pockets, shoulders pulled up around their ears thinking “Ah, this is nice!”
  • Cold wind reddening everyone’s cheeks
  • Chasing after snotty noses and teary eyes
  • Off come the hats and the gloves
  • Frantic shouting “Put the hat back on or you wait in the car!!”
  • Casually checking the clock (How long has it been?)
  • Lenghty discussions why hats must be worn
  • Thinking “I am freezing!”
  • Thinking “If I am freezing, they must be, too!”
  • Wondering who will be the first to come down with a cold or an ear infection
  • Thinking they’d better not catch a cold!
  • Thinking I’d better not catch a cold!
  • Thinking “Is that snot dribbling down my nose?”
  • Blue fingers holding on to a bunch of tissues buried in the coat pocket.


Well? Hands up!

That’s what I thought.

So instead on a day like today, we snuggle up on the couch, with a big pot of Earl Grey, the fire is lighting and we wait for Spring!


Have an awesome weekend.

4 thoughts on “They say “There is no bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”. I say Bollocks.

  1. Brilliant post! I love your quote “There is no bad weather, only unsuitable clothing” Being from Scotland, that made me chuckle 😀 #bloggerclubuk


  2. Love the quote & post. I agree – raining day are made for hugging. Not trying to keep kids dry in pouring rain. It’s bad enough going out in it yourself but having kids in tow is a disaster! Thanks so much for linking up with us! #bloggerclubuk x


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