Dear Lady in The Public Toilet…..

I see you. In the public toilet. As it happens we meet here. Nature’s call. Its usually a brief encounter. I can’t help but notice you. You have that noticeable look about you. I glance at you briefly a few times. And I take you for a lot of things. A lady. With manicured nails. (Mine, not so… Continue reading Dear Lady in The Public Toilet…..

When You Close up Shop and a Void Opens Up

Our littlest turned 2. For me this is bittersweet. Heaviness fills my heart as I am putting 2 little candles on the cake for the last time. My baby grows up and gets bigger and more independent with each day that passes and here I am, dreading all the lasts. A sadness fills my heart.… Continue reading When You Close up Shop and a Void Opens Up

To My Kids: If You’re Ever in Doubt…

Dear Kids, I have a confession to make. Your mother is not perfect. You may have suspected that. Some days I look at you, watch you play and my eyes well up. You are beautiful. You are mine. And I feel gratified and satiated with adoration. I want to stop time and soak up each and every… Continue reading To My Kids: If You’re Ever in Doubt…

DIY Simple Spring/Summer Door Wreath

It is dreary January. *pulls miserable face* My least favorite month of the year. Christmas is just over and its not Spring yet and usually I find this time rather depressing but this year I said I wouldn’t let the January Blues rain on my parade. I got it into my head last week right… Continue reading DIY Simple Spring/Summer Door Wreath

Pet Hates. Pet Loves – 23 Random Things About Me

People making eating noises piss me off royally (Go eat your apple in another room. Come on. Off you go!) I start fiddling with my hair when I get nervous or stressed. When people take stuff off my plate without asking. I’ll chop your hand off. And no, I don’t want to share my dinner.… Continue reading Pet Hates. Pet Loves – 23 Random Things About Me

Gross Things Parents Do For Their Kids

As parents you don’t want to have a weak stomach. I mean not that you can choose. But it’s an advantage. You don’t want to be icky about things because once you have kids, you enter a whole new world. A whole new world that is manifested on poo, vomit and snots. A world of… Continue reading Gross Things Parents Do For Their Kids

The Supersonic Senses of Parenthood

Welcome to all-consuming, neuron-frying sensory overload.   Welcome to parenthood. (Just in case you didn’t get the memo that parenthood is a full-on assault on the body as well as the soul.) Forget about the stretch marks, the saggy skin and the tired eyes. Forget about the pelvic up slip, the chronic carpal tunnel and… Continue reading The Supersonic Senses of Parenthood