Surviving life with 2 kids under 18 months

Yes, there are people who have two kids under 18 months. Planned. No whoopsies. When my eldest child was 6 and my toddler was not quite one and a half, we added another baby to our family. My two middle children are 17 months and 2 days apart to be exact. Now aged 3 years/9… Continue reading Surviving life with 2 kids under 18 months

I am not a stay-at-home mum. I am a family manager!

I completed a survey recently. One of the questions I was asked was about my principal status. The list of statuses to choose from included Working for payment/Profit, Looking for a job, Unemployed, Student/Pupil and somewhere in between those I saw Looking after home/family/Not Working. I am not working for profit or looking for a job. I am also not a… Continue reading I am not a stay-at-home mum. I am a family manager!

Roadrage in the Supermarket

Going out with children is a big deal. Going out requires planning, organization and preparation. But when you have one or multiple children in tow, you come to realize one thing. “Time is of the essence!” Time and timing are critical when small people are involved in your plans. Unless you are a fan of… Continue reading Roadrage in the Supermarket

Good Parents have bad days

This post for all mums and dads. This is for all those who are fearless and have the audacity to be honest. With themselves. With their peers. With everyone around them.  Us parents are terrible in the sense that we are constantly trying to outdo each other and be better than the person next to us. And… Continue reading Good Parents have bad days