DIY Simple Spring/Summer Door Wreath

It is dreary January. *pulls miserable face* My least favorite month of the year. Christmas is just over and its not Spring yet and usually I find this time rather depressing but this year I said I wouldn’t let the January Blues rain on my parade.

I got it into my head last week right after the Christmas wreath was taken down from the front door that it needed to be replaced with something new. Something beautiful. Something colourful. Something to last right through Spring and Summer. When I get an idea into my head is seldom stays as idea. I turned to my friend Google to search for rattan wreaths, willow wreaths and the like and spent a number of days searching for materials that I had in mind. My search was not quite satisfactory as the things I found could not be got in Ireland, or would cost a fortune in postage and packaging or they were not the right size wreaths. After trying to source the things I wanted, ie. a wreath, artificial flowers and wooden bunting, I gave up today.

Thats it. I guess Ill have to get creative. When I was in town I found some cheap artificial flowers in pound shops and Dunnes Stores. When I came home I marched out to the garden shed. I grabbed my garden scissors. The joys of living in the countryside is that many natural materials can easily be got right outside your front door. I was successful in my search for some bendy branches and came home with an armful.

fullsizerender-5I got stuck right in. When I get the creative itch there is no stopping me. I am on a mission.

So this is how you can make a beautiful low budget handmade wreath like this in a few easy steps.


Here is what you need:


Garden scissors

Cable ties/ wire



Plywood or some sort of timber for the bunting



Artificial flowers/ decorations of your choice

Glue gun

Paint/ paintbrush



Here is how I made the wreath:

  • I started weaving the branches and twigs and secured them with cable ties as I had no wire to hand. You need something strong as those branches had a mind of their own. If using cable ties, cut off the ends with pliers. The wreath is not 100% circular as the branches were quite stubborn. But hey. For my next project I will source Willow as they would be perfectly bendy for a wreath and not break as easily.img_6675
  • The next task was to make wooden bunting shapes. I recycled a little fruit crate that I still had kept. I knew it would come in handy for something. So with a little hand saw I cut out bunting shapes.fullsizerender-7fullsizerender-2
  • After sanding the bunting shapes, I painted the bunting shapes with some blue chalk paint I had left over from another projectfullsizerender-1
  • I placed 2 holes on either side so secure them with string later on.
  • Once the paint had dried, I drew the letters on them with a different colour Chalk paint. Any wood paint will do. My bunting says “Hello” but again it can be anything you want, like “Welcome” or “Home”. It still looks a bit messy on the picture and I had to redo it a few times to get is as perfect as possible.fullsizerender-3
  • Next I started arranging the flowers on the wreath. This took me a while to find an arrangement that I liked. Once I had figured out which flowers to out where, I started weaving them through the wreath. I used different shades of roses. I thought they were peonies when I bought them, but the leaves are rose leaves. I initially wanted hydrangeas and peonies but the artificial flower selection was limited. I spent about €10 on the flowers in Dunnes/ Pound Shops.img_6707
  • Once I was happy with where the flowers were placed, I glued some foliage to the wreath with a glue gun. As the wreath will be hanging outside our front door I needed something waterproof and strong. Glue gun is the way to go here.


And et voila. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

All materials I used I either had already from other projects or found (branches for the wreath, re-used (wood for bunting), except for the flowers. So what’s the damage? €10 for the flowers. Winning!


It makes me feel like spring is just around the corner.




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