How to make a Giant Ruler Growth Chart


I fancy myself to be a bit of an interior design / DIY crafty amateur. I am a bit artey and a bit DIY-ey and when creativity strikes, I make stuff for the house, I paint or craft. I would give anything a go.

So I saw these Giant Rulers and thought I MUST have this for our house. With 4 young kids in the family I want to keep track of how they grow and instead of having pencil marks on the wall, I thought this would be a great way to

a) decorate the wall with a beautiful wall piece and

b) keep track of how fast the kids are growing.

I made one for myself and loved it so much  that I recently made another one for a dear friend. It doesn’t take any major skills, very few tools and really you only need a handful of things.

What you need:

6ft Board (approx. €20)



1x paint brush

1x tin of woodstain or paint

Ruler Decal (€13)

cloth/ credit card

I got the decal on Etsy from LittleAcorns, see here. They come in different sizes, colours and measurements (ft vs cm). You can get different decals as well to personalize it. I chose the one that says “Our growing Family”. The instructions are easy to follow and you simply can’t go wrong.

So really this is super easy and super quick to make in a few easy steps:
1) Give the board a bit of a sand. Your best bet is to buy a board that’s already smooth. I didn’t sand mine much at all. Just a teeny bit around the ends. If you do sand, dust it off afterwards.

2) You can stain this in any colour you want. I went with a simple Antique Oak stain. Ikea have a variety of lovely coloured wood stain. Alternatively, you can simply paint the board, whichever you prefer. Allow for drying time once you are done painting the board. The wood stain I used (B&Q brand stain) dried within minutes, but give it a couple of hours to ensure the decal will stick.

3) Apply the markings. Again, there are instructions for how to measure for the Etsy Decal. I hung my board 8 inches off the ground so this needs to be factored in when you measure for where the ft-markings go.


4) When you start applying the decal, make sure you peel the back off slowly and ensure all the little marks are coming off. Put them onto the stained board and press them down with a credit card or a tea towel. Give them a minute before peeling the backing off. Continue this until all markings as well as numbers have been applied. Apply any additional personalised decals in the same manner.


And that is really it. No need to stain or varnish it afterwards. I hung mine up on the wall as mentioned above 8 inches off the ground and just drove 2 screws through the board into the wall.  I track the growth of my kids by simply marking their hight on the board using a black permanent marker and writing their name and date on the board. I found this to be the easiest. 🙂


Tadaaa. This makes a great gift or home décor accessory, don’t you think?


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