Chicco Next2Me – My Review

After having had four babies, you’d think that I had tried every baby item under the sun, but as it turns out I had always used the same old reliables and was happy enough with the standard Moses Basket and Gliding crib that I used for my first 4 children. When we found out that we were having another baby, I felt this was a good opportunity to try out a few new things with the new baby and explore alternatives. So I did some research and came across the bedside cribs. I had heard of them before and really loved the concept. It just makes so much sense especially when your nursing the little one as they are next to you without being in the bed with you. I was delighted when Chicco offered to provide me with one of their gorgeous Next2Me Bedside cribs for the purpose of an honest review. I was very curious and excited to try the bedside crib and after 5 weeks of using it, here is my verdict and everything you need to know about it.


Co- sleeping has always felt like the most natural thing to do for us. I wrote this post previously about children’s sleeping and the pressure some parents feel to conform with certain expectations in relation to their children’s sleeping habits. Go check it out.

While we never set out to co-sleep intentionally per se and still don’t, somehow one or two kids inevitably end up in the bed with us at some point in the night. Because we usually share our bedroom with our babies while they are being breast-fed and often beyond that, the bedside cot is the perfect solution to co-sleeping for us. The Chicco Next2Me cot offers a safe, comfortable place for baby to sleep next to me and makes the night feeds that bit easier during those precious months.

The bedside crib can be attached to your bed as an added safety feature. Their height can be adjusted (the crib has 6 different height positions) so that they are level with your own mattress and they have drop-down sides so you can easily reach your baby. This feature makes picking up baby in the middle of the night super easy as you don’t have to do much lifting, and after feeding you can simply slide baby back into the cot. I found this feature especially useful after delivery (and this is especially useful also for mums who have had a C-Section) as you can avoid lifting and getting in and out of bed. They can also be used as a stand-alone cot by simply zipping up the drop-down side.


The Next2Me bedside crib is really good value for money in comparison to other bedside cots. And what is a huge added bonus is the fact that it is bigger than other bedside cribs on the market. You get more value for your money as I would estimate that you easily get 6-7 months out of this cot depending on the size of your baby. The cot is sturdy and portable. It’s bigger than a Moses Basket and heavier and not as easily carried from room to room like you would with a Moses Basket, but if needed you could easily disassemble it.

There are a number of bedside cribs on the market and their prices, but Chicco’s Next2Me is a little higher than the average price. However, having said that this is an investment that you will use for the first number of months, you wont be needing a Moses Basket as well, it doesn’t take up a lot of space and has good resale value. It comes with a carry bag and can easily be used as a travel cot as well. These are all added bonuses for me.

So I am giving the Chicco Next2Me cot a big thumbs up!

One thought on “Chicco Next2Me – My Review

  1. I’ve heard so many great thinks about this Next2Me crib and I’m absolutely sold. It’s great to know this can be used as a travel cot too! I think I’ll be getting this one before my next one comes along! Still have a few months to go but it’s good to know what products are worth investing in!


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