A Mum’s little Happiness is …..

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  • opening the dishwasher and it’s not washed! (*Happy Dance*) Because it appears that EVERY time I open the dishwasher to put something in, there is a clean load grinning at me waiting to be unloaded.
  • when the kids play by themselves without needing a referee, mediator or judge long enough for me to enjoy my afternoon coffee and a sneaky biscuit. Bliss
  • when the extremely “fussy eater” child tries a dinner for the first time without gagging or hours of coercion. That’s called a success in my world!
  • when the 3 year old boy child replies to anything I say with something other than “Willy” or “Poopoo”
  • when I did my chores around the house and get to appreciate the fruits of my labour for 3, 2, 1 seconds and gone ……. The hurricanes have arrived.
  • when I get to have a conversation with one child without the other one trying to outtalk them or talk over them as loud as they can. As soon as one child starts talking the other one has something REALLY REALLY important to say as well.
  • when I take my eyes off Baby for 2 seconds and he hasn’t tried to eat the entire contents of the coal bucketmore white
  • When I get so sleep in my bed for an entire night without having to play musical beds
  • when I manage to reunite an odd sock with it’s long lost twin (This whole sock thing? Modern day mystery!)
  • when I manage to leave the house not covered in snot or other child-related stains
  • when the kids sleep past 7am. It equals winning the lottery! Happens almost never.
  • when I make it through one morning cuddle without a face grab or a fistful of hair being displaced from my scalp.
  • dancing around the house to the soundtrack of “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” like you’re pumping up the jam.
  • when my daughter tells me I am prettier than a unicorn! Nawwwwww! (Sweets and Coke for everyone!)
  • when I think we are out of toothpaste but – Hold it! Everyone relax! – the kids left a giant blob in the sink
  • when I say “I am not going to tell you again” and only have to repeat it another 5 times or so
  • a big pack of antibacterial wet wipes. Fullstop.
  • confirming that the brown stuff on your kids hands is, as suspected, Nutella. Phew! I have been know to suspect wrong once or twice.
  • when I think Baby has a pooey nappy, I do the smell test aka inhaling a faceful of baby bum and establish it was a false alarm!
  • When it’s past 8.30pm on a school night and I persuade myself to watch a movie despite of the time. ‘Cos that’s how I roll. I am crazy that way.

What’s your little Happiness in the day-to-day grind?

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25 thoughts on “A Mum’s little Happiness is …..

  1. You make me smile 🙂 some of the things in the list I can really relate! Like when we can sleep on our bed throughout the night without playing musical beds… I thought I was the only one suffering hahaha… And also when we get to talk or read for one child without another one coming in for attention… Hard to come by but I really wish it could happen more.

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  2. Hehe, I LOVE this!!!!! Yes to actually ALL of them in our house! My children (who for most of their lives have deemed 5am to be an acceptable time to get up,) both slept until 7.45 this morning….Yes, not a typo, 7.45!!!!! I sat bolt upright when I woke up at 7.30, had a mass panic, my husband was also missing from the bed…My obvious first thought was ‘dear god, they must have been kidnapped, or worse…’ then my husband walked in and announced he too had woken in a panic, and had checked them. ‘They’re both alive,’ he reassured me! You can tell by this long waffle about it, that it was actually BETTER than winning the lottery! I got to feel like a human being for a day, and not a zombie!! And I also get a regular scalping and face scratching from my 2 aswell, masquerading as affection…!!
    Thank you so much for sharing this absolute gem with #bigpinklink!

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  3. Oh, yeah. No musical beds and poopy nappy false alarm really are bliss! I also particularly like when I think the toddler is waking up but he just stirs and goes back to sleep and when one of the boys has managed to go the entire day without getting something all down them so a pair of trousers or t-shirt is actually salvageable to wear again the next day.


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  4. This week I’m amazed at the miracle that is my baby napping. She’s been having a bad month, generally growing and developing (shes just about to turn 4 months) which has made her super moody on top of 2 teeth trying to come through which saw lots of nights where she either screamed at me non stop, giggled and thrashed about in the middle of the night or woke me up every single hour maximum wanting more milk and she.would.not.nap!!! She’s finally napping again and sleeping for atleast 2 hours at a time at night, sometimes 5 hours in one go. Plus now she’s getting that little bit older I’m now able to actually put her down, use the toilet ALONE, sit down without a baby attached and very occasionally eat a meal hot and with 2 hands (not often but occasionally!)


  5. Beautiful list, I LOVE that your daughter think you’re prettier than a unicorn. My biggest happy moment is when I get a giggle out of my toddler, he’s not a natural giggler so when he laughs I know he really means it 🙂


  6. I love that your daughter tells you that your prettier tjan a unicorn. I think that is pretty much the best compliment you could ever have. Finding a forgotten bar of chocolate at rhe bottom of my secret chocolate draw makes me happy these days.
    Thanks for sharing with us, Tracey xx #abitofeverything


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